From overflowing toilets to slow drains, get the sewer line repair help you need from your trusted experts at Magic Electric, Plumbing, Heating + Air.

For most homeowners, the last thing you think about is your sewer lines. However, they play a very important role in your Boise, ID home, and can mean the difference between a properly functioning plumbing system and wastewater finding its way onto your floors.

The main sewer line is responsible for removing waste anytime you use your plumbing. Damage to the pipe or a blockage can quickly leave you without the use of fixtures like your toilet and kitchen sink.

So what do you do when there’s a problem? From blockages to complete breakages, Magic Electric, Plumbing, Heating + Air is your reliable sewer line company.

Looking for ways to avoid sewer line issues? Keep up with your routine drain cleaning to ensure your pipes are always flowing freely.