Add a layer of protection to your home with an expertly installed sump pump from Magic Electric, Plumbing, Heating + Air.

    The best way to keep your Boise, ID home safe from plumbing issues is by performing preventive maintenance and care. One convenient way to do this is with a sump pump installation. At Magic Electric, Plumbing, Heating + Air, we are your dependable experts.

    We can help you find the ideal system based on your sump pit setup, and complete the installation efficiently. Once done, you’ll have added peace of mind knowing that your home will be protected against one of the most damaging issues around, water.

    Additionally, we can also keep your system running at its best with routine maintenance along with emergency repairs as needed.

    What makes us stand out in Boise:

    Burst pipes can quickly cause severe – and costly – damage to your home! Learn about our water main and burst pipe repair services to get help quickly.

    Choosing the Right Sump Pump for Your Home

    A sump pump works by measuring the water levels around your home and acting as a discharge pump to remove any excess water.

    These systems work automatically, which means having the right system in place can mean the difference between a dry basement and a flooded one.

    When choosing the unit for your sump pump installation, some options to choose from include:
    Submersible Sump Pumps

    As the name suggests, these pumps are submerged directly into your sump pit. They’re built with a waterproof motor and offer quieter operation. Additionally, because they’re in the pit, they often work more effectively, however, they only work if your sump pit is large enough.

    Pedestal Sump Pumps

    These units sit above the sump pit and use a float to measure water levels. They’re ideal for smaller sump pits and use an impeller apparatus to pump water away from your home.

    Sewage Septic Pumps

    If your home has a bathroom or sewer line below ground surface, a sewage sump pump is used to move that wastewater up and out of your home.

    Depending on the space and layout of your home, our plumbers will help you choose the ideal unit. Regardless of which option you choose, investing in a sump pump can add value and security to your home, a win-win for all homeowners.

    Top Sump Pump Repair Issues You May Face

    More often than not, your sump pump won’t get much use unless there’s an emergency. Because of this, it’s common for these units to fall into disrepair.

    At Magic Electric, Plumbing, Heating + Air, we offer quality sump pump repair services to deal with the more common issues like:
    • Float Valve Issues
    • Worn Out Motors
    • Underpowered Unit
    • Obstructed Discharge Pipe
    • Electrical Issues (wiring or otherwise)
    Sump pumps in Boise

    The main concern you’ll have to deal with is a worn-out motor or an obstruction in your discharge pipe. Because Boise, ID is known for its cold temperatures, a frozen pipe can easily prevent that excess water from making its way out of your home. Luckily, many of these issues can be prevented with routine sump pump maintenance.

    When scheduled, one of our plumbers will be able to inspect the electrical components in the sump pump along with the associated plumbing. This gives you peace of mind knowing that when you need it most, your unit will work to protect your home.

    Want to keep your home protected even during a power outage? Be sure to ask about our generator installation services. We use high-quality components from Generac and others!

    Reliable Repairs and Installations

    At Magic Electric, Plumbing, Heating + Air, we’re not only expert plumbers but homeowners too. That means we understand on a personal level how stressful and challenging an emergency situation can be. With our sump pump services, our goal is to add a layer of protection to your property.

    Whether it’s a burst water main or excess rains, you can rest assured that water will be kept out of your home.

    Keep your Boise, ID home protected from rising water levels with a sump pump installation. Call us at 208-254-5514 to learn more about your options.