Don’t let a hidden water leak cost you in repairs and higher utility costs. Put your trust in Magic Electric, Plumbing, Heating + Air for reliable leak detection and repair services.

    Water leaks come in all shapes and sizes. From the small ones around the base of your kitchen faucet to larger ones in your basement, without the proper leak detection and repair, they can easily waste gallons of water a day.

    Not only does this open your Boise, ID home to the risk of high utility costs, but over time, it can cause extensive water damage as well. While some leaks are easy to locate, a vast majority of them require the help of a water leak detection company.

    At Magic Electric, Plumbing, Heating + Air, we are your dependable experts. Not only do we use the latest methods to ensure we find the actual source of the leak, but also we provide homeowners with long-lasting water leak repair services so they can enjoy strong water pressure and much-needed peace of mind.

    Has that small leak turned into a burst pipe? Call our expert plumbers for immediate burst pipe repair

    Common Signs You May Have a Water Leak

    Not all leaks are easy to spot, which is why it’s important to know the related symptoms to better understand the severity and possible location of the leak.

    Some of the most common symptoms all homeowners can identify include:
    Low Water Pressure

    Anytime there’s water leaking in your plumbing system, that means there’s less water making its way to the fixture you’re using. Low water pressure throughout your home could indicate a water leak.


    Obviously a pool of water is never a good thing. As water consistently drips from your fixtures and plumbing, it can cause flooding or a pool of water in a specific area of your home. This often gives you an idea as to where a leak may be located.


    For water leaks that are behind walls or above ceilings, the main thing you’ll notice is staining. Whether it’s a yellow patch on the roof or some discoloration in your baseboards, never ignore these signs.

    Strange Noises

    Hear the water running even though no one is using the plumbing? No, your house isn’t haunted, you may simply have a plumbing leak that’s running water even when you’re in bed.

    High Utility Costs

    Leaking water is wasted water. If you see an uptick in your utility bills but haven’t made any changes in your daily usage or routine, it’s often an easy warning sign that something is wrong.

    Foul Odors

    In the worst-case scenario, water may have been leaking long enough to cause mold or mildew growth. Not only is this unsightly, but also it can create a musty odor in your home.

    By addressing water leaks as early as possible, you can generally limit extensive damage to your home. Mold remediation, for example, can lead to added expense, which is never something we want for our customers.

    How is Leak Detection Done?

    Water leak repair and detection should always be done by a trained expert. At Magic Electric, Plumbing, Heating + Air, we generally work with three different methods. This includes:
    Video Camera Inspections

    Using a highly flexible auger-type camera, a plumber will be able to look through your system from the inside. Not only does this over a general overview of the health of your system, but also it can help locate a water leak with pinpoint accuracy.

    Meter Testing

    Depending on the water meter you have in your home, our plumber will start by checking that. If it doesn’t, a basic test can be performed where you take a reading, ensure that no water is used for an hour, and then take another measurement. If the reading has changed in any way, our plumbers will know there’s a leak in the system.


    While it doesn’t have to be a massive excavation, if a leak is hard to locate, some digging will be needed. This helps our plumbers to get behind walls and under flooring for those harder to find leaks. This is often the last resort once all other methods have been tried.

    When you work with our water leak detection company, you can expect personalized service and accurate results.

    The last thing you want to deal with is fixing a leak only to find that a new one has sprung a few feet further away. Our plumbers always go above and beyond to ensure a long term solution to your home.

    A common cause of water leaks is excessive pressure caused by a clog. Reduce clogs in your pipes with routine drain maintenance!

    Water leak detection in Boise

    Prevention and Reliable Care

    A water leak, even a small one, can cause considerable damage inside your home and lead to extensive utility costs. At Magic Electric, Plumbing, Heating + Air, we offer expert water leak repair services to help resolve your issues once and for all.

    Not only do we use the latest techniques to help find these leaks accurately, but also we assess your plumbing as a whole, ensuring you get that long-term fix.

    Our goal is happy customers, which is why we do our best to help you believe in magic. From our upfront pricing to our convenient appointment windows, we do our best to make a challenging situation as simple as possible.

    We are accredited by the BBB with an A+ rating, and we’re also highly rated on HomeAdvisor and have earned the Angi Super Service Award in 2023. We’re a member of the Twin Falls Chamber of Commerce, as well as the Jerome Chamber of Commerce.

    Noticing the sound of running water even when you aren’t using any fixtures in your Boise, ID home? A hidden water leak could be to blame. Call us at 208-254-5514 to enjoy accurate water leak detection services.