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Electrical repairs are stressful and inconvenient. Get the help you need from your experts at MAGIC Electric + Plumbing.

The electrical components in your home can be dangerous for a homeowner who is not experienced working on the system. When an emergency happens, the stress and annoyance of the situation can cause injury to a novice or property damage. This is why it is important to have a reliable Caldwell, ID electrician on call to assist you when the power goes out. At MAGIC Electric + Plumbing, our expert team offers convenient scheduling, upfront pricing, and high-quality craftsmanship, providing solutions to even your most complex electrical issues.

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Symptoms of a Damaged Outlet

Your outlets and light switches are just as likely to need repair as any other part of your electrical system. With that being said, they may not show signs of repair in an obvious way. This is why it is important to recognize the signals of danger. Light switches and outlets are typically taken for granted until they’re no longer working.

Some of the common signs of outlet and switch issues include:

  • Flickering and Dimming: If you notice that your lights flicker or dim, this could be caused by several issues. The most common is that you have frayed or loose wiring, but if it happens when you’re using other appliances it could lead back to your breaker panel.
  • Non-Working Outlets: When you have an outlet that does not work at all, you may have tripped the circuit breaker, but it’s also likely that you’ve disconnected wiring behind the faceplate.
  • Overvoltages: If you’re tripping the circuit breaker every time you plug in a basic item, there is probably an issue with frayed or loose wiring. This can often pose a fire risk for your home if not addressed quickly.

All of these issues can cause inconveniences in your home, but they can also cause dangers such as fires. For that reason alone, they should be taken care of right away by a professional. In addition to our outlet repair service, we also offer convenient upgrades to options including GFCI outlets and USB enabled options that allow you to plug in all your devices conveniently.

Benefits of Panel Upgrades

Electrical panel upgrades are important if you live in an older home in Caldwell. This is especially true if you are still dealing with a circuit breaker that uses fuses. Even if that is not the case, however, older and aging systems can cause many hazards such as fires and should be serviced by a professional.

There are also many benefits to upgrading your electrical panel, such as:

  • Fewer overvoltages
  • Fewer repairs
  • Reduce the risk of fire
  • Reduce energy cost
  • Higher wattage capacity
  • Less risk of emergency power outages
  • Lower homeowners insurance

If you have not had your electrical panel inspected in several years, reach out to our electricians at MAGIC Electric + Plumbing. We offer expert quality service using components from Eaton and Square D, ensuring a long-term fix for one of the most important sections of your home’s electrical system.

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Does Your Generator Need Service?

We recommend that all of the residents in the community have a backup generator system installed in case of emergencies. Not only will they run essential medical equipment, but they can also power your furnace, air conditioning, refrigerator, and other essential appliances and electronics.

With that being said, if your generator is not operable, it will not be helpful in case of an emergency. Take a look at these signs that your generator needs repair:

  • It does not start.
  • It sputters and skips while running.
  • The generators have leaks in hoses or the pan.
  • There is wear and tear on the electrical components such as the wires and buttons.

At MAGIC Electric + Plumbing we understand that time is valuable. We’ll schedule an appointment for you that’s convenient for your lifestyle and timetable. To further accommodate and satisfy our customers, we also offer upfront pricing with no gimmicks or games. With our expert care, you’ll never have to worry about a power outage or faulty switch again!

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