Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation in Twin Falls & Jerome

Protect your household from the dangers of carbon monoxide today with carbon monoxide detector installation and replacement services!

Every year, thousands of individuals lose their life to the silent killer known as carbon monoxide. The presence of carbon monoxide is so deadly because unlike other hazards to our health, it is silent, odorless, and colorless. You never know when a faulty gas furnace or stove is emitting the invisible gas into your home. This is why carbon monoxide detectors are life-saving devices. At MAGIC Electric, Plumbing, Heating + Air, we are your CO detector installation pros, serving homeowners throughout Twin Falls and Jerome, ID.

Smoke detectors are another life-saving device that can be the difference between life and death. Call us today to get your smoke alarms replaced !

Common Causes of Carbon Monoxide Leaks

Because carbon monoxide can be hard to detect, it’s important to arm yourself with knowledge of the common ways this toxic gas can enter your home. Some of the most common culprits of carbon monoxide in homes include:

  • Poor Ventilation: If you have gas-powered appliances or systems in your home, ventilation is vital. Without proper ventilation, your gas stove or gas furnace can emit carbon monoxide and trap these toxic fumes in your home which can be deadly.
  • Faulty Water Heater: Faulty water heater installations can lead to an array of problems, most dangerously though, they can emit carbon monoxide.
  • Vehicles: Cars are another common culprit behind the odorless gas. Never leave your car running in an enclosed space such as the garage, not even for a little while. This is one of the most common causes of carbon monoxide poisoning in residential areas.
  • Generators: Never place generators too close to your home, especially in close proximity to open doors or windows. These units are known to emit low levels of carbon monoxide, but if this gas enters your home, it can be a truly dangerous situation.
  • Gas Stove: You should never leave your gas stove left unattended. In some cases, the flames on gas stoves can unpredictably go out while the gas is still on, causing the gas to leak into the atmosphere.

These are just the most common culprits behind carbon monoxide poisoning in homes, not a complete list. Some additional culprits are dryers, furnaces, boilers, grills, power tools, wood stoves, and more.

Since this gas is hard to detect, it’s important to pay attention to any symptoms that resemble those of carbon monoxide exposure. This includes dizziness, nausea, lightheadedness, fatigue, and headaches. At the first sign of trouble, evacuate your home, and contact an expert for help.

How Carbon Monoxide Detectors Work

Carbon monoxide detectors can be life-savers. These devices trip an alarm when the levels of CO have raised to lethal in your Twin Falls or Jerome, ID home. There are three main types of sensors that each operate to protect your home.

  • Metal Oxide Semiconductor: These detectors use a chip to detect CO gas and lower the electrical resistance which, in turn, triggers the alarm and alerts occupants to evacuate the home.
  • Electrochemical: Electrochemical devices use electrodes that are immersed in a certain chemical that can sense a change in electrical currents when the presence of carbon monoxide is detected in the air.
  • Biometric: In biometric CO detectors, biometric sensors use a gel that will change colors when carbon monoxide gas is detected.

All of these detectors have proven to be effective at detecting unsafe levels of CO in the air. To get the most out of these devices, one should be installed on every level of your home. Similar to smoke detectors, they should be installed in every area of your home where occupants sleep in order to alert everyone to get to safety.

If your carbon monoxide detector relies on wiring, it’s important that your wiring system remains up to par to ensure that your CO detector is always working properly. Call us today for professional safety inspection services.

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Nothing is more important than keeping your loved ones safe. When danger threatens your safety, it’s usually a detectable threat that you can see and hear. However, carbon monoxide is a silent threat, one that often isn’t detected until it’s too late. That is if you don’t have a dependable carbon monoxide detection system installed. Call MAGIC Electric, Plumbing, Heating + Air today and take advantage of our elite customer service, upfront pricing, and easy scheduling system! You’ll be glad you believed in Magic!

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