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    If you’ve recently purchased a new hot tub, you’re going to need a wiring installation service you can trust! Even if you’ve owned your hot tub for years, wiring issues can arise. Let the Magic Electric, Plumbing, Heating + Air team take care of all of your hot tub wiring needs today!

    To truly enjoy your hot tub, you need to be able to see in the dark at night! Call us today for quality outdoor lighting installation services.

    Installing a new hot tub or need to rewire an existing one? We can help give you peace of mind with professional hot tub wiring installation and repair!

    Preparing Your New Hot Tub

    Recently purchased a new hot tub? Great! Now what? You just plug it in and enjoy it, right? We wish it were that simple, but unfortunately, there’s a little more that goes into it to make sure you have the right power supply and protection. Hot tubs require a dedicated circuit, and typically a 240-volt power supply with a GFCI outlet.

    Fortunately, Magic Electric, Plumbing, Heating + Air partners with a local hot tub vendor in the Magic Valley which offers special pricing on new hookups for hot tubs. Give us a call today and let our licensed electricians assist so you can safely enjoy your new backyard oasis ASAP!

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    Common Issues With Hot Tub Wiring

    Hot tubs can be used as a form of stress relief, muscle relief, and simple relaxation. Everyone knows the person with the hot tub is usually the coolest person in the family or friend group.

    Hot tub wiring issues are more common than most people think and can prevent us from enjoying all of the benefits hot tubs have to offer. They can be caused by different factors, such as poor installation or corroded pipes. The most common issues we see include:

    Visible Stress to Wires

    If you can actually see your hot tub’s wires, that means they’re not installed correctly. Moreover, wiring can become damaged over time due to pests such as mice and squirrels who like to chew on our wires. If you notice stress to your wires, this could be a major electrical fire hazard. Call us today for a wiring replacement.

    GFCI Breaker

    If your hot tub is continuously tripping the GFCI breaker, this could simply mean it is worn out. Power surges, lightning strikes, and even just old age can negatively impact our breakers. To determine if your breaker is damaged, try flipping it and waiting to see if it trips again. If it does, this could indicate it’s time to replace the breaker.

    Corroded Wires

    Corrosion can cause our wiring systems to malfunction as well, affecting everything from our hot tub light to its electric filtering system. This is usually just a simple element that happens over time. Depending on how much of your wiring is corroded, you may need them replaced.

    Loose Connectors

    Another common hot tub wiring issue is loose connectors. Even when wires are just a smidge loose, the electrical current can be interrupted. These loose connectors can cause the GFCI breaker to trip which can negatively impact your hot tub.

    Do you want to make sure all of your home’s wiring is up to code to prevent any issues in the future? Call us today for professional safety inspection services!

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