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    If your home has an attic, it’s important to have a fan installed to facilitate proper ventilation. Attic fans are usually installed on the slope of your home’s roof. These fans are extremely energy-efficient as they can run completely on solar energy. Attic fans are typically controlled by the thermostat and can only activate when they are needed. Aside from the initial installation costs, attic fans can actually save you money over the years. Since the heat in attics throughout Twin Falls and Jerome contributes to more than 20 percent of what it costs to cool your home, you can expect your utility bills to decrease with attic fans properly installed.

    In order for your attic fans to work properly, your cooling system needs to be up to par. Call us today for AC repair services!

    Why Install an Attic Fan

    Getting fans installed in your attic provides various benefits.

    Some of the benefits you can expect to reap after installation services include:
    Attic fan
    Extend Lifespan of Roofing

    Heat and humidity can wreak havoc on our roofing materials and insulation. This is especially true during the summer when the solar roof vent takes in an increased amount of sunlight and heat. Attic fans can ventilate and moderate temperatures in your attic so it doesn’t become too hot and your roofing’s life isn’t threatened.

    Prevent Mold Growth

    Without attic fans installed, humidity levels can become unruly. Too much moisture in the air combined with high levels of heat can create the perfect breeding conditions for mold and mildew.

    Increase HVAC Effectiveness

    Without attic fans installed, the heat and humidity can enter your home via air ducts and vents. This will cause your HVAC system will have to work overtime to cool your home, resulting in increased energy bills.

    More Comfortable Attic

    Attics don’t have to be an uncomfortable, stuffy area in your home that no one goes into. With the proper maintenance, attics can become an extra living space in your home. Attic fans can help make your attic a more enjoyable and livable room.

    Reliable Attic Fan Installation

    Attic fans can truly make a difference in your home. From preventing the growth of mold and bacteria to extending the life of your HVAC unit, attic fans are always a worthwhile investment when it’s all said and done. Our licensed, award-winning electricians will make sure the job is done right the first time to prevent frequent attic fan repairs and costly electrical issues.

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