Furnace Repairs in Twin Falls & Jerome

Is your furnace on the fritz? Don’t worry, MAGIC Electric, Plumbing, Heating + Air is here to make all of your furnace troubles disappear.

Nothing is worse than taking cover from the harsh extremities of winter to enter your Twin Falls or Jerome home and find out it feels just as cold as outside. When our furnaces fail us, it can seem like the worst day ever. However, it doesn’t have to be. MAGIC Electric, Plumbing, Heating + Air is here to provide you with quality furnace repair and maintenance services to put an end to all of the frustration a faulty furnace causes.

In some cases, a replacement makes more sense than an upgrade. Call us today to find out if it’s time to replace your furnace.

Signs Your Furnace Needs Repairs

When your furnace is no longer operating properly, you’ll know it. There are many signs to look for in a broken furnace that needs repair services. Some of the most common indicators include:

  • Unexplainable Spike In Utility Bill: Nothing is worse than getting a hefty utility bill that you didn’t expect. Unless you’ve significantly increased the usage of your HVAC system, you shouldn’t see a sudden spike reflected on your bill. This is a common sign that your furnace isn’t operating properly, consuming more energy than it would in its proper condition.
  • Strange Sounds: If your furnace is emitting strange noises such as banging or humming, this could indicate problems with interior components. Parts can be loose or the motor can be damaged so it’s best to have a professional technician diagnose the problem so you know if a repair or replacement service is required.
  • Foul Smell: If your furnace is emitting peculiar smells, this could indicate that your furnace needs attention. Foul smells can stem from trapped debris in your unit or in some cases, a potential gas leak.
  • Faulty Pilot Light: A properly working furnace’s pilot light is blue, not orange or yellow. If your pilot light is no longer blue, this could indicate that something is wrong with the unit’s ventilation system.
  • Decreased Indoor Air Quality: If you notice your indoor air quality is poorer than normal, this could be the doing of a faulty furnace. Over time, furnaces can build up dust, debris, bacteria, and pet dander which can all affect the performance of the unit.

Benefits of Furnace Maintenance

After you’ve gotten your furnace repair service, the next step is to make sure you don’t need another one any time soon. The most effective way to prevent the frequent need for repairs is with a professional furnace maintenance service. Some of the benefits you can enjoy with this service are:

  • Extended Unit Life: With routine maintenance (at least once a year), you can definitely expect to extend the life of your unit. During a maintenance visit, loose components will be tightened and rusty parts will be lubricated. We will also check to make sure there are no small problems that can convert into big ones over time.
  • Fewer Repairs: While it’s okay to need a repair job every once in a while, frequent repairs indicate a bigger problem. With furnace maintenance, our technicians will catch these problems early on, leaving you less of a need for repairs.
  • Lower Utility Bills: With proper maintenance, you can expect to receive a lower utility bill than you would if your furnace didn’t get frequent tune-ups. Because all parts would be working to their highest efficiency, you don’t have to worry about wasted energy usage.
  • Improved Air Quality: There is nothing more important than air quality. With a malfunctioning furnace, your unit is susceptible to circulating an array of contaminants throughout your home. During a maintenance check, our technicians will locate any areas in your ducts with a lot of debris and make it disappear.

At MAGIC Electric, Plumbing, Heating + Air, our goal is to keep the furnace in your Twin Falls or Jerome, home working at its best. In addition to our hassle-free scheduling, we also make routine maintenance simple, so you always have peace of mind that your system is in the best shape possible.

To take an extra step toward cleaner air quality in your home, give us a call and ask about our air filter replacement services.

Your Trusted Furnace Repair Experts

If your furnace is giving you a headache with loud noises or a sudden spike in your utility bill, we can help. Here at MAGIC Electric, Plumbing, Heating + Air, we understand the frustration behind a faulty furnace and we’re here to provide ultimate relief. Whether you’re dealing with fluctuating temperatures or a system that won’t turn on at all, you can count on our furnace service company to help get your home warm again in no time!

If you live in Twin Falls or Jerome, ID, call MAGIC Electric, Plumbing, Heating + Air today at (208) 944-2107 to find out how our furnace repair and maintenance services can benefit your home.