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Homes in the Twin Falls and Jerome, ID area that relies on gas to power appliances such as a stove, heating system, or a water heater depend on a functioning gas line to provide natural gas that can be turned into fuel. This is why we understand how frustrating it can be when your gas line becomes damaged and prevents you from receiving the gas that needed to complete daily activities such as cooking, washing, or even just relaxing at home. If you suspect your gas line is damaged, give the experts here at Magic Electric, Plumbing, Heating + Air a call to schedule professional gas line repair services!

Gas line damage is a significant culprit behind residential gas leaks. Call us today to schedule gas leak detection services.

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Signs You Need Gas Line Repair

A damaged gas line can lead to the loss of gas access within your home as well as a dangerous gas leak that can result in a fire or an explosion. In order to best prevent these extremities from occurring, it’s best to know the signs to watch out for that indicate your gas line has been damaged. Some of these signs include:

  • APPLIANCES NOT WORKING: If your gas stove refuses to turn on or your gas-powered heating system is no longer providing warmth within your home, this could signal that your gas line has become defective.
  • HIGH GAS BILL: Being surprised with a hefty gas bill is never fun. This is especially true when the increase could have been avoided if only you knew that a damaged gas line was the culprit.
  • LEAK: A gas leak is the most dangerous sign that your gas line is damaged. If you smell rotten eggs, caused by sulfur that is injected into the gas, this could indicate that your gas line has been compromised.
  • DYING VEGETATION: Another common sign that your gas line is damaged is negative effects on landscaping along your gas line. Gas can kill your plants, so if you notice that only select areas near your gas line are being affected, this could mean that you need gas line repair services.

Common Causes of Gas Line Issues

As surprising as they might be, gas line problems don’t just occur without reason. For every leak and explosion, there are factors that led up to the incident. Some of the most common causes of gas line issues include:

  • BLOCKAGES: When there are blockages within your gas pipes, gas can no longer flow within your home as it’s supposed to. Blockages can be debris, mineral deposits, and other contaminants that interfere with gas getting into your home and powering your appliances.
  • BROKEN VALVES: A damaged valve within your piping system can prohibit or slow gas from getting into your home. Luckily, valves are easily replaceable when the problem is detected.
  • FROZEN GAS LINE: Freezing temperatures can also negatively affect our gas lines prohibiting access to gas within the homes.

It’s important to work with experienced gas fitters in order to protect your home and ensure things like gas appliance hookups are done correctly. Not only will it improve performance in your Twin Falls or Jerome, ID home, but also it will keep your family safe.

Benefits of Converting to Gas

There are many benefits to converting to gas and installing a gas line to provide fuel for your home. Some of these benefits include:

  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Natural gas is one of the cleanest fuel sources available today, comprised of water vapor and small amounts of carbon dioxide. Compared to coal and wood, gas produces significantly fewer amounts of carbon dioxide making this a wonderful environmentally friendly option.
  • DEPENDABLE: Unlike electricity lines, gas lines are located underground meaning weather has little to no effect on them. This keeps your heating running even during storms.
  • COST-EFFICIENT: Natural gas is also one of the more affordable, and cost-conscious sources of fuel used to heat homes. Modern gas heating systems are designed with energy-efficiency in mind, keeping gas bills relatively low and affordable.
  • FASTER: With a gas line installed, you can now heat your home using gas-powered heating systems that heat your home better and faster than electric heating systems.

We’re here for all your plumbing service needs, from gas line repair to gas leak detection.

Your Reliable Gas Fitters

When it comes to gas line repair and gas pipe installation services in Twin Falls & Jerome, there is no better company than MAGIC Electric, Plumbing, Heating + Air. Not only can we repair your existing gas line, but with our gas line installation services, you can maximize functionality in your home.

Whether you’re installing a new gas-powered appliance or want to customize your backyard with a natural gas-powered grill, our expert gas fitters can make your dream a reality. We provide seamless service, from upfront pricing to hassle-free scheduling that takes the stress and frustration out of getting new pipelines installed.

Call Magic Electric, Plumbing, Heating + Air today at 208-268-6488 to schedule professional gas line repair and installation services for your Twin Falls or Jerome, ID residence.

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