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    Is your sump pump on the fritz? Are you in the market for a new sump pump? If so, our plumbing company at Magic Electric, Plumbing, Heating + Air is here to provide quality sump pump repair, installation, and maintenance services.

    Sump pumps are lifesavers when it comes to removing excess moisture from lower levels of homes in Twin Falls and Jerome, ID such as basement and crawl spaces. During a heavy rainy season, our basements are at an increased risk of flooding, creating thousands of dollars worth of damage in the process. The best way to prevent this from occurring is by investing in a sump pump. Magic Electric, Plumbing, Heating + Air is here to provide homeowners with peace of mind and ultimate protection against basement floods with quality sump pump repair and installation services.

    Leaks can become a culprit for flooded basements and crawl spaces. Give us a call today to take advantage of our cost-effective leak detection services.

    How Sump Pumps Work

    Sump pumps are typically installed in the lowest part of your home’s basement or crawlspace. The units stand in a sump pit, which is a deep hole, and as the pump becomes full of water the pump is activated. The primary role of your sump pump is to transfer the water collected in the pit into pipes that carry this water away to drain in a designated place, away from your home’s foundation. In order to prevent water from flowing back into the pit, your pump has a check valve that stops water from flowing in the opposite direction.

    Sump pumps are activated once the pressure sensor has been triggered. Since water puts more pressure on the sensor than air, the pump knows when water has filled the pit and when it’s time to activate itself. This pressure sensor is a float activator that works similarly to the activator found inside of toilets to trigger flushing. Aside from these automatic sump pumps, there are also manual units in which you have to turn on and off by yourself which can prove to be an inconvenience for many homeowners.

    Sump pump

    Types of Sump Pumps

    There are two main types of sump pumps that are commonly found in residences today. These units are called submersible sump pumps and pedestal pumps.

    Let’s break down the major difference between these models:
    Submersible Sump Pumps

    They get their name because they are literally submerged into water. These units are encased in a waterproof exterior which protects the pump from being damaged by the water it collects. The pump is located at the bottom while the outlet pipe rests at the top. A grate protects the pump from being exposed to debris and any other elements that could be harmful to the unit. Once the pump has been activated by the sensor, the collected water is then vacuumed through the grate and transported out of your home to its designated area.

    Pedestal Sump Pumps

    They work a little differently to remove the excess liquid from underneath your home. These sump pumps are not submerged in water and instead, utilize an inlet pipe to remove collected water from the bottom of the pit when it becomes full. While these options are more affordable than their submersible counterparts, they are quite noisy as the motor and pump are located outside of the sound-canceling water.

    Common Sump Pump Issues

    Despite how far home technology has come, indestructible sump pumps have not been invented, yet. With that said, it’s not uncommon to experience problems with Twin Falls and Jerome, ID sump pumps at one point or another.

    Some of the most common sump pump issues we see that may necessitate repair or replacement services include:
    Defective Float Valve

    If the float valve in your sump pump is damaged or ineffective, your unit will not be able to activate itself when the sump pit becomes fool with collected floodwater. Fortunately, float valves can be replaced during professional repair services.

    Frozen/Clogged Discharge Pipe

    The sump pump’s discharge pipe is responsible for carrying away the collected water and transporting it safely away from your home. When this pipe becomes frozen or clogged, your pump will no longer be able to empty itself, making the entire system ineffective and putting your home at risk for flooding.

    Old Pump Motor

    Most sump pumps should be replaced every five to seven years. When your pump surpasses this threshold, internal components, such as the pump motor, can become ineffective and prohibit your pump from productively doing its job.

    Power Outage

    During severe storms, electricity is usually the first thing to go. This power outage could interfere with your sump pump if you do not have a battery backup system and your unit will no longer be able to keep water out of your basement or crawlspace.

    To prevent your sump pump from being disbanded during a power outage, you should consider investing in a whole-home generator installation in case you lose access to electricity.

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