Professional EV charging station installations by the pros at Magic Electric, Plumbing, Heating + Air

Owning an electric car is a great step toward living a greener life and lessening your carbon footprint. Whether you are thinking of purchasing an electric vehicle or have just purchased one and are wondering how accessible charging is, with an electric vehicle charging station installed in your Boise, ID home you won’t have to worry about the hassle of extension cords.

Make sure your home is ready for a charging station with a panel upgrade. Not only does this add value to your home, but also it can help with electrical performance!

Benefits of Installing an At-Home EV Charging Station

There are plenty of advantages to installing an EV charging station in your home or business, including:
  • Save money because you won’t be spending money on parking/charging fees.
  • Get a faster charge if you install a level 2 charger or higher.
  • Conveniently charge your electric vehicle from the comfort of your own home.

If you own an electric vehicle, it is a good idea to also invest in an electric vehicle charging station for your home. Hiring a licensed electrician like Magic Electric, Plumbing, Heating + Air to install your EV charging station will ensure that the work is done safely and properly.