Wiring Repair & Replacement Services in Boise

Faulty electrical wiring can pose a health and safety risk in your home. Get help today with expert services from MAGIC Electric + Plumbing.

Just like the pipes are the workhouse of your plumbing system, the wiring throughout your home is key to keeping electricity flowing where you need it. Unfortunately, that same wiring can deteriorate with age or require adjustments in order to accommodate new systems, appliances, and electronics in your home.

MAGIC Electric + Plumbing provides Boise, ID with professional wiring repair and replacement. Whether you’re worried that one of your outlets isn’t getting any power or you need to replace frayed wiring that was found during a renovation, you can count on our electricians to safely handle your wiring repair needs.

Prevent electrical wiring failure and potentially dangerous situations by scheduling a whole-house safety inspection with our expert team.

Tops Signs You Need Wiring Inspection

Faulty wiring is one of the most dangerous issues you can face in your home as it can quickly lead to electrical fires and extensive property damage. Unfortunately, these issues often happen unexpectedly. However, there are typically warning signs well before you’re dealing with a house fire. Some common symptoms to look out for include:

  • Frayed Wires: Anytime there’s visible damage to wiring in your home, it’s a cause for concern. Any exposed wiring can easily shock you as it’s a live wire that isn’t grounded. This is often caused by outlet damage or critters.
  • Hot Outlets: If you’ve been shocked when you plug something in to an outlet or the outlet is hot to the touch, the wiring may be the problem. Anytime wiring isn’t grounded properly, it creates a safety hazard.
  • Burning Smell: In the worst-case scenario, damaged wiring is already causing fire damage in your home. While it might seem minor at first, like a blackened outlet, it can quickly escalate into a major emergency.
  • Tripping Outlets: Are your breakers constantly flipping? Certain sections of your home may be getting too much power due to faulty wiring, causing the circuit breakers to flip in order to protect the connection.
  • Flickering Lights: If there isn’t a dimmer switch in your home, your lighting shouldn’t act like it. Flickering lights could be an early indication that there are some wiring concerns in your home.

By detecting these issues early and working with our wiring repair contractors, you can easily limit the risk of damage to your home and keep your family safe in the process. While some wiring damage can be fixed with simple repair or grounding, in some cases, complete wiring replacement will be needed.

When Should You Opt for Rewiring Services

Sometimes rewiring is recommended for other reasons, like upgrading your appliances. With new wiring, you can enjoy improved performance, added capacity for new appliances, and more peace of mind that your Boise, ID home is up to code. Rewiring services may be recommended in the following situations:

  • Remodeling Projects
  • Outlet Replacements
  • Installing New Appliances
  • Hot Tub and Pool Wiring Installation
  • Added Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

An experienced electrician, like our staff, can help you decide what wiring solutions are right for you. Whether you’re powering up that new hot tub or looking to add modern USB enabled outlets to your game room, our staff can help make it a reality!

With new wiring comes new power needs. Be sure your infrastructure is up to code with a panel box upgrade, the best investment in your home’s electrical system!

Your Electrical Wiring Experts

At MAGIC Electric + Plumbing, our goal is to provide you with safe and reliable wiring services that not only prevent emergencies like electrical fires but also improve performance. Whether you realize it or not, with every passing year, you put more strain on the electrical system in your home. Whether it’s an updated TV or an outlet that charges more than three or four devices at a time, your wiring can quickly suffer from wear and tear.

With rewiring services and wire repairs, you can restore that functionality to your home and keep your family safe in the process. Best of all, with our hassle-free scheduling, you can enjoy reliable service when you need it most!

Is the old wiring in your Boise, ID home posing a serious fire risk? Call MAGIC Electric + Plumbing at (208) 367-9070 and work with our electricians to get your wiring back up to code.