Drain Cleaning Services in Boise

Drain clogs are a nuisance that affect millions of homes every year. Call MAGIC Electric + Plumbing today for help clearing even the toughest clogs.

Clogged drains can make everyday routines miserable. Showering turns into standing ankle-deep in your own bathwater, while washing dishes becomes a swimming tournament for dishes as the sink fills up with murky dishwater. Clogged drains can even affect bathroom sinks and toilets. If you’re tired of dealing with blockages inside your drain, call MAGIC Electric + Plumbing! We are your reliable Boise, ID drain cleaning experts, and can help get your pipes flowing again in no time!

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Signs You Need Drain Cleaning

Clogged drains aren’t the only sign that you need drain cleaning. Dirty drains manifest in many different ways. Some of the most common signs we see and treat for here at MAGIC Electric + Plumbing include:

  • Unpleasant Odors: Perhaps the most unpleasant to your senses when it comes to signs of dirty drains, unpleasant odors are a good indicator. When debris, bacteria, and other infiltrators get lodged within our drains they can create a bad odor.
  • Several Clogs: It’s not uncommon for one or two drains in our homes to get clogged every once in a while. But once you begin to experience frequent clogs in several different drains, this could indicate a more profound problem. Unclogging one drain may not be enough to generate a lasting result, your drains need deep cleaning services.
  • Weird Noises: Another common indicator that your drains need cleaning is if you notice a gurgling noise emitting from your sinks and tubs. This could be the water trying to surpass all of the grit and grime in your drains and is a good sign you need drain cleaning.
  • Slow Drains: Sometimes, our drains aren’t fully clogged but partial blockages make draining water a little slower than usual. This is another result of particles trapping the drainage pipes and signal that it’s time for your drains to be cleaned.

How To Prevent Frequent Drain Clogs

Drain clogs are a common occurrence but they are not totally inevitable. There are different methods you can practice to reduce the number of clogs in your drains, such as:

  • Drain Strainers: If your kitchen sink doesn’t have a garbage disposal, the best way you can protect your drains from unwanted food scraps is with an effective drain strainer. These inexpensive tools will reduce the amount of food that gets passed down to your drain, preventing clogs from occurring. Also, in the bathroom, you should use strainers for sinks and showers as hair is another culprit of clogged drains.
  • Never Pour Grease Down Drain: Cooking grease is another large culprit behind clogged drains. The thick substance can stick to your drains and your pipes, creating a blockage to the flow of water.
  • Disposal Etiquette: If you do have a garbage disposal, make sure you’re using it properly. Disposals are made to withstand small pieces of food scraps, not indigestible items such as bones, fruit peels, and eggshells.
  • Watch What You Flush: Another common culprit of clogged drains is what gets flushed down the toilet. Toilers are only supposed to dispose of human waste and reasonable amounts of toilet paper. Too much toilet paper and items such as feminine products and wipes can create blockages in the toilet, thus clogging the drains and sewer lines.
  • Septic Tank Maintenance: If your home has a septic tank, make sure it is in proper condition with an inspection every two years.

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Call Our Drain Cleaning Experts Today

Clogged drains can be a true annoyance but they don’t have to be permanent. Call MAGIC Electric + Plumbing today for routine drain and sewer cleaning services. Without proper cleaning, our drains can accumulate so much debris that they turn into nasty blockages that prevent the free flow of water in our sinks and tubs.

When you call our team of elite plumbers, you’ll be getting the most long-lasting and effective solution to all of your clogged drain problems. Give us a call to take advantage of our hassle-free scheduling and upfront pricing!

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