Worried that there’s a water leak causing damage beneath your home? Magic Electric, Plumbing, Heating + Air can help with expert slab leak detection and repair services.

    When it comes to the plumbing in your Boise, ID home, you often think about the pipes that provide water to your bathroom and kitchen. However, there are other lines that run beneath your home, which can be more of a concern. A slab leak is a water leak that occurs beneath the foundations of your home.

    More often than not, these leaks go unnoticed since they’re out of sight, causing extensive floodwater damage throughout your home. At Magic Electric, Plumbing, Heating + Air, we are here to help.

    As the leading slab leak detection and repair experts in the area, we can quickly locate those water leaks and get your home protected again in no time!

    Keep your home protected from excess water beneath your home with a sump pump installation. These units work during emergencies and help limit costly water damage.

    What Are Signs You Have a Slab Leak?

    A major reason why slab leaks go undetected for so long is that they’re often difficult to see and diagnose.

    However, by knowing a few of the warning signs, you can easily get a repair before it’s too late.
    Increased Water Bills

    Has your utility bill steadily been on the rise without any changes in your daily routine? Because home foundation leaks pump water even when the system isn’t in use, this often translates into higher costs.

    Strange Noises

    Is there a constant sound of running water? Always be on the lookout for this, especially when no one in the house is using the water, as this can help you diagnose and locate a potential slab leak.

    Hot or Cold Spots on the Floor

    As water leaks beneath your feet, it can create hot or cold spots on the floor generally near a fixture. If you’re running a bath and immediately feel the tiles around the tub get warmer, there may be a cause of concern.

    Water Damage

    Water leaks can cause a lot of damage, especially those that go unrepaired. Be on the lookout for baseboards or walls that show any visible signs of water damage like yellowing or mold growth.

    Foundational Issues

    The major concern of a slab leak is the damage it’s doing to the foundations of your home. Often, this translates into cracks in the flooring or walls inside and outside of your home along with a visible sag to certain areas of your home.

    A home foundation leak can wreak havoc on your plumbing and home. If the damage is severe enough, you could be looking at major repair and renovation costs, which is why early slab leak detection is so essential.

    How Are Repairs and Detection Done?

    Because slab leaks are beneath the foundations of your home, the repair process is often different than a basic water leak in your home. For starters, our plumbers will perform slab leak detection to help us accurately locate the problem.

    Not only does this limit any excess excavation or damage to your home, but also it ensures you get a long term fix. Once found, our plumbers will often have two choices, repair or replacement.

    If this is a first-time issue, a slab leak repair will be easy enough, like patching a small section of plumbing using a smaller section of pipe or an epoxy pipe covering. However, if your plumbing is older or foundational leaks have been a common occurrence, replacement may be needed.

    A pipe replacement allows our plumbers to remove entire sections of your plumbing and put new pipes in place. This resolves your issue completely and can often improve performance as well.

    Slab leak

    Additionally, our plumbers can also choose to reroute plumbing from a certain area of the home to avoid long-term issues. This is often a good choice if there are certain areas of your Boise, ID home that are already sagging and putting excess pressure on plumbing.

    If the age of your plumbing is the cause of your issues, then a whole-home repiping may help. Be sure to ask our plumbers to learn more about your options.

    Reliable Services a Call Away

    At Magic Electric, Plumbing, Heating + Air, our goal is to offer hassle-free and reliable service to all our customers. A slab leak is a challenge because it can often go unnoticed. However, once there is an escalation and it’s affecting your daily routine, getting a quality slab leak repair is essential.

    We offer a wide range of repair options that can help solve your problems. Whether the issue can be solved with a simple patch or you need to replace an entire section of plumbing, you can put your trust in our plumbers to perform the best service for your home and budget.

    We are accredited by the BBB with an A+ rating, and we’re also highly rated on HomeAdvisor and have earned the Angi Super Service Award in 2023. We’re a member of the Twin Falls Chamber of Commerce, as well as the Jerome Chamber of Commerce.

    Worried there’s a water leak causing damage beneath your slab? Call Magic Electric, Plumbing, Heating + Air at 208-254-5514 to learn more about our Boise, ID slab leak services.