If you’ve been considering an upgrade to your HVAC system, purchasing a smart thermostat is an affordable option. Although there are manual and programmable thermostats in the marketplace, opting for a smart thermostat gives you several advantages over these other types. Explore the top 12 benefits of smart thermostats right now.

1. Saving Money

Primarily, smart thermostats save you money. These models have a digital display with exact temperatures for accurate settings. For example, set high and low temperatures as the system balances heating and cooling throughout the day. As a result, there are no costly manual changes that inflate a monthly bill.

Also, most smart models include low-power standby modes. Leave the system on to keep your home as comfortable as possible. Essentially, there’s only a small trickle of energy necessary to run the system on standby.

2. Improving Comfort

In the past, thermostats could only direct an HVAC system to push hot or cold air through the vents until reaching the desired temperature. Ultimately, this functionality led to hot and cold spots across a property. Residents might feel uncomfortable throughout each cycle.

In contrast, smart thermostats can tell the system to vent hot and cold air while supplementing the system with fans. For instance, the air conditioning system’s fan might operate during part of the cycle so that cool air can still improve your comfort without creating cold conditions. Because the AC isn’t operating at full power, you’ll save energy while maintaining optimal comfort.

3. Provides Equipment Feedback

A unique feature of smart thermostats is the system updates. It’s possible to set the device for automatic alerts regarding the system’s status, including filter replacements. Because you don’t need to manually track when you replace the filter, it’s a simple task to complete regularly. As a result, your system maintenance is minimal.

In addition, you can immediately recognize malfunctions as the system alerts you through display notifications or audible alarms. Mobile alerts are even possible with some models. Avoid damage to the system by contacting our professionals as soon as you hear an alert.

4. Creates an Automatic Schedule

The latest models have learning capabilities. Initially, you set the system to your desired temperatures. Over time, the system learns these settings. Then, you can set the system to automatic control, which allows it to cool and heat your home based on the environment and your personal settings.

Another option is using the maximum and minimum values you set in the system. For example, set a minimum temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit and a maximum temperature of 75 degrees F. As the system encounters these values, it’ll cool and heat as necessary.

5. Tracks Usage

Because the thermostat employs smart technology, it creates a usage history. Depending on the model, it might send a weekly or monthly usage summary directly to your account’s email. From here, analyze your usage for even more savings. Consider altering the temperature by one or two degrees so that you can save more energy. This information can also tell you when you use the most energy. If your AC runs mainly in the afternoon, consider closing the curtains on the sunny side of the home to reduce this usage, for instance.

6. Utilizes Regular Software Updates

When you purchase a nonprogrammable thermostat, the hardware is a permanent fixture. It’s never upgraded unless you buy a new product. With smart thermostats, their software is a pathway for regular upgrades. Typically, the device’s manufacturer can send out the latest update, which is often automatically loaded onto the thermostat through the home’s Wi-Fi connection. In the end, your home benefits from the latest algorithms, which drive the device’s accuracy and energy use over time.

7. Enables Mobile Control

A popular advantage of smart thermostats is their internet connectivity. Whether you’re at home or on vacation, the thermostat is always accessible through a Wi-Fi connection. Adjust the temperature, check the filter’s status or shut it off entirely with your tablet or smartphone. This particular feature removes the universal issue of accidentally leaving the HVAC system on when you leave home, for instance. Ultimately, the system is always online for your peace of mind.

8. Prolongs System Life

Smart thermostats prolong the entire system’s life span through simple communication. For instance, the thermostat might indicate that it’s overheating or the blower isn’t rotating. With this information, you can schedule our HVAC professionals for an inspection.

By immediately addressing any problems, you protect the system from excessive wear and tear. Combine annual inspections with these specialized appointments, and your HVAC system can last for many years. Preferably, calling our technicians is the key to reliable heating and cooling daily.

9. Enhances Air Quality

A smart thermostat helps your HVAC system optimize the airflow moving through it. Also, it notifies you when the filter requires replacement. With these two harmonious features, your home has enhanced air quality. Because of issues like outdoor pollution and indoor dust or dander, air quality has become a key concern for many households. Luckily, smart thermostats make it easier for you to know when to call a service professional and replace those consumable parts.

10. Provides Access to Energy Rebates

Upgrading any household item requires some investment. However, purchasing a smart thermostat usually has a rebate value. Depending on the locality, your purchase might be eligible for energy rebates. These rebates might be in the form of a partial refund or tax credit, for instance. If you consider the thermostat’s cost versus the rebate possibilities, there may only be a small investment on your part. As the years pass, your home saves on energy costs and adds to the overall value of the thermostat’s purchase.

11. Creates Selling Feature

If you’re planning on selling your home, a smart thermostat offers incredible value to potential buyers. As visitors tour your home during an open house, a smart thermostat is hard to miss. Not only is the thermostat an attractive aesthetic, but savvy buyers also understand these devices save energy with every monthly bill. If buyers compare your home to another one without a smart thermostat, this device could sway their purchasing decision toward your property. Furthermore, the updated thermostat reflects your attention to the property’s overall upkeep, which makes it more attractive to buyers.

12. Connects to Most Devices

Consumers own many different devices divided between several manufacturers. In truth, compatibility is always a concern with smart devices. Currently, most smart thermostats work with many smartphones and tablets.

Typically, each smart thermostat comes with a free app. Download the app onto your personal device, and create an account. Next, connect your devices to this single account. Overall, you should be able to immediately communicate with the thermostat from any internet-enabled device. It’s a rare situation where a device isn’t compatible with today’s smart thermostats.

Partnering With Professionals

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