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    Infrared Tube Heating in Twin Falls, ID may sound like a modern innovation but it is actually the oldest form of heating in the book. Before the days of central heating and space heaters, before the days of matches, before the day cavemen discovered fire, all we had was the sun. The sun was the primary source for all of our heating needs from cooking to keeping us warm during the winter. Now, as we search for new ways to conserve energy, infrared and radiant heating are back at the forefront and more homeowners are learning of the many benefits these heaters provide.

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    How Infrared Tube Heating Works

    The method of infrared heating is not too different than how the sun warms the earth. When the sun’s rays shine down, objects, animals, and humans absorb these infrared rays. When we retain this heat from the sun, we release heat back off of our bodies into the atmosphere. This process is called radiation. Since there are always people and objects around, the temperature is easily regulated with little loss of heat.

    When infrared heating is used to heat our homes, all four methods of heat transfer are used:
    Infrared tube heating

    Simply put, radiation is the transfer of heat from one hot surface to a cooler surface via heat waves without any assistance from air.


    In order for the heating process to work, objects or people have to absorb this radiated heat. Luckily, most of the elements all around us are absorbent. Material such as concrete, water, and metal are all very absorptive which makes it easy for this process to effectively heat your home.


    Conduction is also another important method of heat transfer. This process is the transfer of heat through a solid object. This process is what allows your home to be heated evenly as heat spreads throughout the various objects in your home which in turn, heats the air.


    When conduction spreads heat through solid objects and heats the air, it is using convective energy. This process is what allows infrared heating to consume less energy as it is naturally done and not something you have to facilitate.

    Infrared tube heaters usually comprise a burner, heat exchanger tube, and a reflector. Once the flame is kindled, it is carried down an emissive tube using a fan or a pump. Then, a reflector guides this heat down toward the floor of your home which begins the process of heat exchange using those methods.

    Benefits of Infrared Tube Heating

    Infrared heating isn’t just becoming more popular as a trend, there are various benefits that can be reaped with these heating systems.

    Some of the benefits you can expect to enjoy are:
    Easy Maintenance

    The process of installing Infrared tube heaters is super easy and the maintenance is even easier. These heaters can outlive their traditional counterparts for more than 10 years.

    Draft-Free Heating

    These heaters offer draft-free heating since radiant energy is enough to heat your entire home without needing to utilize large fans to circulate the heated air throughout the house.


    Compared to noisy conventional heaters, infrared tube heaters don’t make a sound as it utilizes radiant heating to keep your home toasty.

    Customized Control

    The infrared heating panels can be regulated individually or with smart wireless controls.

    Save on Heating Expenses

    When you have an infrared tube heater installed, expect for your energy bills to be decreased. Infrared heating allows homeowners to set their thermostats lower and still achieve the same heat and comfort they would if their thermostats were set to a higher temperature. Some homeowners even save as much as 50% when switching to infrared.

    Considering alternative heating options? We also install heat pumps and ductless systems.

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