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    Being a homeowner in Twin Falls or Jerome, ID is a wonderful feeling and a huge accomplishment. There’s nothing better than having a place to call home where you can relax, grow a family, or take on exciting renovation projects. With that being said, there is another more dreadful side of homeownership and that is experiencing foundation issues such as slab leaks. Here at Magic Electric, Plumbing, Heating + Air, we understand how frustrating these problems can be which is why we’re dedicated to taking the stress away and providing real, long-lasting solutions.

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    What Is a Slab Leak?

    When pipes located below your home crack, burst, or spring a leak, this is known as a slab leak. Slab leaks can be hard to detect since they occur underneath your home out of sight. Slab leaks can start off small and unthreatening unless they go on too long left undetected.

    When this happens, the soil below your home can become shifted and uneven, causing your home to literally slowly sink into the ground. Because they’re often out of sight, it’s common for slab leaks to go undetected for long periods of time, causing extensive amounts of damage before you even realize there’s an issue.

    Slab leak

    Signs of a Slab Leak

    As stated above, it’s not uncommon for a slab leak to occur silently, out of sight, and therefore out of mind. However, when a slab leak does occur, eventually, you will be able to notice the effects.

    Some of the most common signs your home is experiencing a slab leak include:
    Suddenly Increased Water Bill

    One of the most telltale signs you have any kind of leak in your home is an unusually high water bill. Slab leaks waste a lot of water and you will definitely see a reflection of this on your water bill.

    Pools of Water Outside Your Home

    Another common sign that you have a slab leak is by the pooling of water in your yard. Unless you have a hose running or it has recently rained, random puddles of water in your lawn could be an indication that you are dealing with a slab leak.

    Damp Floors In Your Home

    If you have damp carpet or flooring in your home and have ruled out any chance of a leaking appliance, you may have a slab leak. Slab leaks can easily seep into your home once they become severe and cause a lot of water and structural damage to your home.

    Low Water Pressure

    When water is literally pouring out of pipes beneath your home, you’re going to notice that the water coming from your faucets and fixtures isn’t as strong as it normally is.

    Mold Growth

    Mold growth is a common indicator that water is present in places it shouldn’t be. Dampness and moisture are the perfect conditions for mold to grow. Even if you don’t physically see the mold, the smell of mildew is enough to let you know mold will be making an appearance soon.

    What Causes Slab Leaks?

    A slab leak detector informs you that your home does, in fact, have a slab leak. How did this happen? Slab leaks can be caused by many different factors.

    The most common culprits include:
    Poor Installation

    During the installation process, there’s a chance that your pipes could have been dented, bent, or misshaped, causing them to crack or burst over time due to the pressure of constant water flow.

    Copper Pipes

    Copper pipes are mostly found in older homes when this was the acceptable material for piping. Copper is softer, making copper pipes extremely vulnerable to weathering and extensive usage. If your home has copper pipes, you may need to replace them completely with whole-home repiping.

    Other Natural Water

    Water isn’t the only natural element that can put increased pressure on your pipes. Soil can be shifted underneath your home due to weathering, erosion, earthquakes, etc.

    Poor Water Quality

    Another factor that can negatively affect your piping is poor water quality. Hard water that is too acidic can wreak havoc on your pipes, causing them to corrode and break down which leads to cracks.

    Old Pipes

    One factor that is essentially unavoidable is time. As our homes grow older, so do our pipes which puts them at risk to suffer from corrosion, soil erosion, and other issues that develop over the years. The best way to protect your older home is with regular professional slab leak maintenance and leak detection.

    At Magic Electric, Plumbing, Heating + Air, we are your reliable slab leak repair experts. From finding the leak with pinpoint accuracy to offering you a long-term fix, you can count on our pros for help!

    If your home has copper or galvanized piping that have been negatively impacted by old age, give us a call to schedule professional repiping services today.

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    Slab leaks can be an extremely inconvenient occurrence. These leaks quietly develop over time and it’s often not until it’s too late do we realize what has happened. The best way to prevent these slab leaks from worsening into even bigger and costlier issues is with proper slab leak maintenance and leak detection. Regardless of if your home is old or new, it’s important to regularly monitor the condition of our piping systems.

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