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    Everyone knows the feeling of dread you get when you flush your toilet only to have the water rise to the top and threaten to overflow. While most clogs can be treated with a few quick plunges, some blockages are so severe they require the professional touch of a plumber. If this sounds like your situation, you are not alone and Magic Electric, Plumbing, Heating + Air is here to help! As your reliable Twin Falls and Jerome, ID toilet repair experts, we can beat even the toughest clogs.

    Clogged toilets can be a real nuisance, especially when they occur frequently. Call Magic Electric, Plumbing, Heating + Air today and we’ll make your toilet problems disappear.

    Common Clogged Toilet Culprits

    Toilet clogs are common, but they are by no means random. Every toilet clog has a culprit and in order to prevent them from occurring, it’s important to know what tends to cause clogged toilets most of the time.

    Excessive Toilet Paper

    Many people would be surprised to know that they use way too much toilet paper. While cleanliness is of the utmost importance, we often overdo it with the amount of toilet paper we use and then flush down our toilets. This excessive amount of toilet paper can easily prevent water from flowing down our pipes into the sewer line, resulting in the hindrance of proper flushing.


    Most people know that items such as tampons, sanitary pads, and baby wipes should never be flushed down the toilet, but they do it anyway out of convenience. It’s quite easy to make impulse decisions and believe they have no effect but this way of thinking can be disastrous for your toilet and sewer line.

    Hard Water

    If your home suffers from hard water, it’s time to invest in a water softener system. Hard water not only causes ugly stains on toilets, but the mineral buildup can also negatively affect how well a toilet is able to flush.

    Low-Flush Toilets

    While low-flush toilets are better for the environment and are more cost-effective, they do have their flaws. One of the flaws of these toilets is the lack of high-pressure flushes often needed to effectively remove blockages from clogging our toilets. Nevertheless, for some, the price to pay is small when compared to something as serious as helping the environment. Whatever type of toilet you desire to have in your home, we can help you choose the right make and model of toilet and install it to code.

    Why You Should Replace Your Toilet

    In some cases, repairing a clog will not provide long-term relief as the problem is actually with the toilet itself. If this is true, it may be time to consider a toilet replacement to eliminate the need for frequent repairs and allow yourself some peace of mind. You should replace your toilet when:

    Your Toilet is Really Old

    The older your toilet is, the harder it will be to find replacement parts should you ever need them. Certain components such as flappers and valves can be quite pricey when purchased separately and if your toilet is old, it would make more sense to just get a new toilet.

    Your Toilet Has Cracks

    Cracks in the bowl or tank cover indicate that it’s time for a new toilet as these cracks can lead to leaks which will then result in severe water damage in your bathroom. Small cracks will expand over time so it’s best to rip the band-aid off and replace your toilet.

    You Experience Frequent Clogs

    If you find yourself plunging your toilet every time you use the bathroom, there’s a good chance it’s the toilet, not you. Over time, pressure valves can become weak and prevent your toilet from flushing effectively.

    Your Toilet is Visibly Distraught

    Not only are cracks and scratches hideous to look at, but they also attract dirt. These stains can become nearly impossible to get rid of and will become permanent over time. When dirt begins to look like it came with the toilet itself, it’s time for an upgrade.

    You Have a High Water Bill

    However, if you find yourself with a high water bill that you would like to decrease, a new toilet may do the trick as newer models use less water than older toilets and have a higher pressurized flush.

    How to Avoid Clogged Toilets

    Though clogged toilets are common, they don’t have to be frequent in your home. There are many preventative measures you can take to eliminate or decrease toilet clogs and save money on toilet repair.

    Preventative measures:
    • Limit your toilet paper usage
    • Never flush feminine hygiene products
    • Never flush baby wipes or diapers
    • Keep a trash can near your toilet to prevent you and guests from flushing non-flushable items
    • Avoid disposing of hair and nail trimmings down your toilet
    • Clogs that are left untreated can cause problems deeper in your sewer line. If you need sewer line services, give us a call.

    Why Choose Us?

    Clogged toilets happen to everyone at some point but you don’t have to suffer alone. Magic Electric, Plumbing, Heating + Air is here to provide relief and ease the frustration of dealing with stubborn blockages. Whether your toilet needs to be unclogged or you’re in the market for a brand new toilet, we can help! We provide hassle-free scheduling because we know your time is valuable and will never waste a minute of it. Give us a call today and we’ll make you believe in magic!

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