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    Hard water can be a major inconvenience. From making stains on fixtures to corroding pipes and causing leaks, hard water affects millions of homes in the country every day, including many in the Twin Falls and Jerome, ID area. If you’re tired of dealing with the negative impacts that hard water creates, it’s time to invest in a whole-house water softener. Our plumbing company at Magic Electric, Plumbing, Heating + Air is your water softener installation pros. From choosing the right unit to keeping it properly maintained, we make your water quality our top priority.

    Are you concerned with the all-around quality of your water supply? You may benefit from professional water filtration installation!

    Are you tired of dealing with the ails of having hard water? Magic Electric, Plumbing, Heating + Air is here to provide relief with whole-house water softener installation services.

    What Is Hard Water?

    Hard water is water that has a high pH level of above 8.5. This simply means that the water has a high concentration of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and iron, which can produce a bitter taste and acidic smell. While deemed relatively safe to drink, you probably would never want to. According to the WQA (Water Quality Association), hard water originally got its name because it’s hard to wash in. The compounds found within hard water prevent soap from lathering and can make properly washing hands and dishes impossible.

    Idahoans have a particularly hard time with hard water – while anything above 120 PPM (parts per million) is considered to be hard water, the average Idahoan is dealing with 128 PPM.

    Hard water stains

    Signs You Have Hard Water

    Many people who have hard water don’t even know that they do. This is simply because of the lack of knowledge about what hard water is and how it may be affecting your home.

    The most common signs that you have hard water include:
    Weird Smelling Water

    Water that is full of compounds such as calcium and magnesium is going to emit a weird smell. Although the strength of the smell depends on the pH level of the water, there’s no ignoring the fact that hard water has its own distinct smell.

    Dry Skin

    Hard water has profound effects on the skin as well. It is known to create dry skin irritations and can even agitate existing skin conditions such as eczema. Hard water can dry and brittle out hair over time.

    Clogged Pipes

    Over time, the buildup of minerals can begin to negatively affect pipes and drains within your home. If you notice you are frequently battling clogs, hard water may be the culprit.

    Stains on Fixtures

    Another common indicator that you have hard water is if you notice stains on your fixtures such as toilets, sinks, and tubs. Hard water spots can make even the cleanest fixtures look dirty and can also create stains and residue on your dishes as well.

    At the first sign of trouble, it’s imperative to work with an experienced plumber to fix the problem. At Magic Electric, Plumbing, Heating + Air, our whole house water softeners can quickly turn the tide on hard water and restore that quality you’ve become accustomed to.

    Benefits of Installing a Whole House Water Softener

    No matter how safe it may be to drink, hard water is like an unwanted guest in your home, causing trouble and making a mess. The best relief from the horrors of hard water is a water softener system. Water softeners utilize a process called ion exchange (the exchange of ions between two electrolytes or between an electrolyte solution and a complex). The mineral deposits found in your hard water stick to resin beads and the remaining water, now softened, exits and slows throughout your home.

    The benefits of these systems include:
    Softer Skin & Hair

    As we stated above, hard water has seriously negative effects on most skin and hair. With soft water, you no longer need to worry about drying out your skin simply by taking a shower.

    Cleaner Laundry

    Hard water not only has an effect on our skin and hair, but it can also leave our laundry less vibrant and soft.

    Save Money on Soap

    Since hard water makes it harder for soap to lather, you may find yourself using way more of it than you would if you didn’t have hard water.

    Reduce Buildup

    The mineral deposits from hard water can create buildup within your pipes, drains, and faucets, which leads to cracks and leaks.

    Longer Life For Fixtures & Appliances

    Hard water can expedite the aging process of appliances and fixtures in your home, such as your water heater and toilets.

    Our goal is to help homeowners throughout the Twin Falls and Jerome, ID area with all their water softener needs. Whether you’re installing a unit for the first time or getting help maintaining your existing one, our plumbers are on your side.

    If hard water has shortened the life of your water heater and other appliances, give us a call today and ask about our water heater installation services.

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