Owning an electric vehicle comes with many perks. Many EV owners enjoy the thought of lowering their carbon footprint and helping save the environment. EV ownership can also help you save money compared with a gasoline-powered vehicle. You won’t need to stop periodically to fill up your tank, but you’ll still need to charge your car.

Public chargers are one option for keeping your vehicle running, especially as the accessibility of public EV charging stations increases nationwide. Unfortunately, it’s not always the best choice for every EV owner. Some electric vehicle owners prefer having their charging stations at home for many reasons. Let’s learn about the various types of home charging systems and how a charging station at home can be a good choice for you and your new EV.

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Choosing the Right Charging Station For Your Needs

There are three levels of electric vehicle chargers available to EV owners. To properly charge your car and get the best results for your driving habits, you’ll need to learn about the pros and cons of each one and choose the level that best fits your needs. Speak with your licensed electrician at Magic Electric, Plumbing, Heating + Air to find out more about each level and which one is best for your home.

Level 1 Charging

A Level 1 charging system is typically included with your new car purchase. This charger simply plugs into your 120V home outlets to charge your car’s battery. With this type of electric charger, you’ll get about two to four miles of range per hour, depending on the efficiency of your particular vehicle. A Level 1 charger is great for when you have long periods of time at home to keep your car plugged in but isn’t very efficient for those who drive often and far. With a Level 1 charging station, you’ll have the best experience charging your vehicle overnight. However, many EV owners find that a Level 1 charger is not enough to keep up with their charging needs on its own.

Level 2 Charging

Level 2 EV chargers operate at 240 volts and charge roughly six to eight times as fast as a Level 1 charger. This gives you 12-32 miles of driving for each hour of charging. A Level 2 charger is the type you’ll find in most public spaces and gas stations. However, Level 2 chargers vary in how much power they put out based on the model. Ultimately, the charging speed of any level of EV charger depends on the make and model of your electric vehicle. Check your vehicle’s specs before choosing your charging station to ensure it is a good match. If your vehicle cannot handle the faster charging, there is not much sense in buying a more expensive charger for the same charging speed. Additionally, you may need to consult with an electrician to be sure your home can handle the added electrical requirements.

Level 3 Charging

Level 3 EV charging stations are the quickest of all, giving you around 100-250 miles of driving range in 30-45 minutes. These stations are great for longer trips that require stops for charging as they get you back on the road quickly. You’ll find Level 3 chargers periodically while out on the road, but they are far less common than the Level 2 charging stations.

Why is a Home Charging Station Best?

With the increased popularity of electric vehicles comes the greater availability of public charging stations. You’ll find chargers at many gas stations and even in some public parks, on school campuses, and in residential neighborhoods. Having more charging stations scattered around makes charging your car much easier, but having a station right at home may make more sense for many EV owners.

There are several benefits of installing an EV charging station at home, including convenience, safety, money savings, and even earning more money.


There is no easier way to charge your EV than while it is sitting parked in the driveway. Having a charging station at home allows you the convenience of plugging your car in any time you aren’t using it. Charging your EV at home means not having to leave home or wait in line at the charging stations. Many EV owners simply plug their cars in when they get home or let them charge overnight when the car isn’t being used. Install an EV charging station at home and save yourself time and possibly miles going out of your way to find a charge.

Cost Savings

The price you pay for electricity to charge your EV at home is often much cheaper than the price you’ll pay at a public charging station. This can be especially true if you have the benefit of cheaper electricity rates during off-peak hours. Although the upfront cost of an EV charging station can be hefty, you’ll see the payoff down the road as you save some cash each time you charge your car.

In addition to the cheaper electricity at home, many states and cities provide incentives for installing an EV charging station at home. These incentives help offset the initial cost of purchasing and professional installation of your charging station.


Venturing out into public to find a charging spot for your EV means leaving the safety and comfort of your own home. You’ll likely find a charging station at local gas stations, which are full of strangers. Leaving your car unattended in a public place like this could be dangerous, as it is at risk of being broken into or stolen.

In addition to the personal safety risks when charging in public, you may face risks to your vehicle due to the charging station itself. If the public charging station you use is not fully functioning as it should be, it could damage your car’s battery or electrical system. With a home charging station installed by Magic Electric, Plumbing, Heating + Air, you can be sure the system is properly installed for the safety of your vehicle and home.

Earn Money

Installing an EV charging station at home opens you up to the opportunity to share your charger with others when you aren’t using it. There are several Peer-to-Peer EV charge-sharing apps you can use. Through these apps, you can allow others to use your home charger for a fee, earning you a little extra cash when you aren’t using the charger yourself.

Get Your Charging Station Installed Now

Now that you’ve learned the benefits of having a charging station at home for your electric vehicle it’s time to speak with a licensed electrician to find one that fits your needs. Discuss your driving habits, specific vehicle, and charging expectations so that your electrician can help you pick a charger that gives you the charge you need.

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