Looking for the best house wiring experts in Burley, ID? Magic Electric, Plumbing, Heating + Air offers top-quality service and the best customer care in the Magic Valley! With 10 years of experience serving homeowners just like you, we offer comprehensive residential wiring services that ensure your home is safe and comfortable.

While electrical wiring may not be top of mind when you think of your home, it plays a crucial part in maintaining the convenience and comfort in your home on a regular basis. Not to mention that well-installed wiring is essential to the ongoing safety of your home!

Poor wiring can be present in homes both old and new, and can especially be a problem if your home has ever had a remodel or addition. When unqualified individuals work with house wiring, it can lead to an unsafe environment, as well as unusual occurrences like frequent flickering or outlets that don’t function properly.

Whether you need rewiring for specific appliances or residential wiring for a new build, we take care of it all.